Poetry by Jeff Green


The moon pours white wine

by cricketjeff on March 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At a table in a garden, on a soft, sweet, summer’s night
 Two friends sit close together by the moon’s reflected light.
 On the table in the garden there are glasses but no drink
 And the friends are sitting talking, though they often stop to think.
 The topics that they cover seem to range so far and wide
 And the glasses sit there empty, since they left the drink inside.
 The night is getting cooler but the friends stay close and warm,
 The moon just looks down calmly, she has magic to perform.
 As he leans across to kiss her, and she kisses him as well,
 The friendship starts to blossom into something more to tell.
 The tension in the garden needs assistance to decline
 So the silver crescent of the moon leans down to pour white wine.

Author notes

Dalaney, Lane, L.A.Smith wrote a haiku that contained an image I could not put down:-

Bon Apetit

Little black spider
wraps its dinner in fine silk
the moon pours white wine

So if you like my poem, please pay tribute to it’s progenitor

There is a sequel to this poem After the Wine which in turn has a sequel “Another Glass” and I have now composed a prequel “Laying Down the Vintage”