Poetry by Jeff Green


HIV, the Slayer

by cricketjeff on March 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A microscopic murderer assaults the world of man.
One hundred million children now have nothing left to plan,
Colossus on a tiny scale has humbled all the best,
Nothing much that we can do to try to save the rest.

The dead and dying parents mean the victims left are young,
Across the blighted nations on young shoulders old heads sprung.
An eight years old patrician has to earn his siblings bread,
The mighty man who sired him is now close to death or dead.

And mothers lie in agony, they cannot feed their brood,
The babes who need their mercy are by tragedy pursued.
Across the world where men seemed strong, they’ve fought their final fight
And maybe for a hundred years, these nations stand at night.

The way things are and ignorance have brought us to this state,
The Western World and Governments reacted far too late.
In Africa and Asia they will die for many years,
Tradition and intolerance just adding to their fears.

Education is the way that we can end this plague;
A promise we must make the young and we must not renege.
The future of the human race, of woman and of man,
So raise your voice to let them know in every way you can.

A message must be carried forth, it needn’t be this way;
A sheath of rubber membrane could have saved the world today.
Whatever else the message that is carried with our trades,
Forget about our differences, and take a stand on AIDS.

Author notes

OK I think it’s done now

Prompt was Slayer