Poetry by Jeff Green


A sentimental saga

by cricketjeff on March 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He loved her with the vengeance of a Viking
Pillaging her person as he played
And in the arms of this her vengeful Viking
She sighed and snuggled softly as he swayed

Her icy cool and masculine invader
Was gentle as a puppy when she smiled
Strong and tall and handsome cold invader
Was exactly how she felt he should be styled

In his heart he was no vengeful Viking
But he wanted her a captive on his farm
So he held her with the vengeance of a Viking
And made sure he protected her from harm

Though the world just saw a man and not a Norseman
In her eyes he was the strong a silent breed
So he played for her the part of brutal Norseman
Since he loved her and he knew it met her need

To the end he lived for her as vengeful Viking
But no longer could he stand and smite his chest
And he cast aside the vengeance of the Viking
As in her arms he met his final rest

Author notes

I borrowed the first line…