Poetry by Jeff Green


The Bishop of rich rhyme

by cricketjeff on March 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When visiting his see
The bishop went to see
The lady known as C
Who always answered si

While she would sit and sew
This pious so and so
Who had some seeds to sow
Waited til he cried soh!

To get there he always rows
And takes with him a rose
The finest one that rose
Amongst his rows and rows

He does this since he knows
It will attract her nose
As she climbs up the knowes
So he ignores her noes

He always wants to tease
He takes her out to teas
He buys her shirts called Ts
They always hit their tees

When standing for a wee,
The Bishop knew if we
Would ask if “it” was wee…
He’d have to answer “Oui”!

All the things to buy
He’ll come to by and by
But unless they’re straight or bi
To ladies he says bye!

Author notes

I pulled a friend up on a rich rhyme, this sort of happened afterwards…

All the rhyme words are perfect homophones but are all different words.

One stanza is down to Mairi bheag see if you can spot which.