Poetry by Jeff Green


If I believed

by cricketjeff on March 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If I believed in gods then I would know
That you were born an angel up above
In regions dedicated just to love
Before they let you lose on Earth below

The way your shadow lies upon the ground
To any unbeliever seems to show
In divinity’s a truth profound
You even have a shadow with a glow

As from your lips their dripped the softest sound
And deep inside your eyes you smiled at me
If I’d a god I would have made this plea
Inside your liquid eyes I could be drowned

But since I am a man alone and free
Then deep inside your heart I want to be

Author notes

Before I get into trouble, I am not alone or free nor have I met a lady with a glowing shadow. But I like writing soppy sonnets, This is a Penfold sonnet basically iambic and abba caca cddc dd rhyming.