Poetry by Jeff Green


Leather Lane market.

by cricketjeff on September 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The lovely ladies in Leather Lane market
Are there for my interest, and often they spark-it
There’s a Japanese girl with a skirt like a belt
When the wind blows I bet it gets felt!

There’s a gaggle of three, buying sweets from a stall
Which of the three is the sweetest of all?
There’s a man who’s approaching with arms round a pair
I wonder if he’d trade for the one that is spare?

It’s not just the shoppers, some sellers are crackers
The two selling Thai food are nobody’s slackers
There are ear-rings, and silk scarves and very cheap clothes
And a queue of young ladies are looking at those

But now I am back at the top of the lane
It’s time not for girls but for working again
A walk in a lunch hour is just an excuse
For idly perusing the girls on the loose!

Author notes

Leather Lane, parallel to Hatton Garden on the edge of “The City” if you are trying to place it has a daily street market. I like a stroll every lunchtime and I work fifty yards away so the stroll often includes it. This was today’s stroll.