Poetry by Jeff Green


Edgar Allen Poe

by cricketjeff on March 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Dark and moody was the writer, writer of the morbid tale;
Of dread demons born a fighter, fighter known to gnash and wail.
Horrible the way he saw us, saw us all as gruesome ghouls
And with difficulty bore us, bore us as we broke his rules.

I have read his darkest meanings, meanings that defy belief
Stumbled from his morbid leanings, leaning seeking scant relief
As he lead me ever lower, lower than my soul could stand
Showed me I could be a grower, grow a story darkly planned

Master poet darkest teacher, teacher who could point my way
Rid your mind of gruesome creature, creature who could end your day
You were born this day in winter, winter season of your life
Of all poets quite a sprinter, sprinter into pain and strife

I salute you mighty poet, poet who could freeze a soul
Tortured brain and don’t we know it, know it from your lifetime whole
I would write as you but lighter, lighter verse but with your go
Edgar Allen mighty writer, writer always known as Poe

Author notes

Option 2 I guess, it’s a Poe style poem about Poe