Poetry by Jeff Green


When all is real

by cricketjeff on March 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At night in bed when eyes are closed
And all the world is tucked away
Many things can be supposed
And we can play

The love that paints a purple mood
The eerie green of jealous lust
Amber tainted Chinese food
All have their thrust

Deep sky blue pink of appetite
And orange splashes under trees
All the colours should be right
They’re at their ease

Arm in arm is richest gold
And tranquil blue a stolen kiss
Colours soon are rich and bold
With the right miss

A country drive is brown and green
And seaside yellow blue and grey
A palette load of pure serene
To close the day

With pinks and mauves and red and whites
All standing for the way I feel
I look in hope towards the nights
When all is real

The technicolor life I’ve dreamt
Since first you walked inside my heart
You coloured in the lines unkempt
You made me art.

Author notes