Poetry by Jeff Green


Happy days

by cricketjeff on March 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As we waltz to the band playing Strauss
And the music is played through the house
I can hold my sweet girl in my arms
I can hope that she’s feeling my charms
For these waltzes are sexy and light
And I’d love to be holding you tight
We could dance ‘neath the stars and the moon
As we listen to this waltzy tune
I would spin you around and around
And I don’t thing that I’d touch the ground
When in love with a girl and a dance
Take a chance!

A kiss on the lips with that dip
And we’re back on the circular trip
Now we spin past the roses you grow
While my hand starts to slip down below
Once my hand is in place on your cheek
Your lips find my ear and you speak
“Can we waltz on the way up to bed”
So I smile with a nod of my head
As we swirl to the foot of the stair
Now both spinning and dancing on air
Still the band on the radio plays
Happy days

Author notes

I don’t usually write when there is music on, this is the fault of The Blue Danube and the London Symphony Orchestra…