Poetry by Jeff Green


Princess Purity!

by cricketjeff on March 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A castle on a hillside where the Princess scans the sea
For ships to bring a rescuer, from abject misery
The dragon that has scoured the land exacts a heavy toll
Destruction of the kingdom seems to be his only goal

The King and all the bravest knights, were bested by the beast
And since their death in battle all the agony’s increased
The Princess with the golden hair, is loved by one and all
Is waiting for Prince Adamant to answer to her call

For Adamant’s a mighty man, who rides a huge white steed
The knights who form his coterie, are urgent for the deed
His fleet must hurry homeward, ere the Kingdom is all lost
The Princess in the hillside tower may pay the highest cost

On mighty wings the Dragon flies, the castle to assault
A dragon’s always hungry for the treasure in the vault
Puts his powers forward, turns his flames onto the walls
Will the little fleet arrive before the final castle falls

Landing at the jetties in the port some miles away
Adamant and all his knights have sworn to save the day
With banners white with angels on and clad in brightest steel
The Bravest of the brothers know that this time it’s for real

The castle’s future’s looking grim, the worm has made a breech
And the final band of soldiers and the Princess are in reach
The trumpets of the Heralds sound that Adamant is near
The few remaining villagers can summon up a cheer

The worm now turns and smites the first, the second and the third
The Dragon is so powerful the battle is absurd
But Adamant gets in a blow, his lance square on the beast
The Dragon is annoyed at this and makes his horse a feast

As Adamant lies cowering The Princess stands and sings
The Dragon starts to hear the sound as shaking in its wings
The Princess who is loved by all, is pure in thought and act
A virgin Princess of the line has power to attract

A Flash of silver, gold and white, a unicorn appears
He’s stood as her protector ‘gainst the greatest of her fears
Its mighty head is lowered for a charge at lightning pace
It strikes the dreadful dragon hard upon a fatal place

The Unicorn though mighty cannot last beyond this blow
It dies and takes the dragon to a doom told long ago
For all the world now knows it, with reluctance we agree
The powers of men and dragons cannot stain her purity!!!!

Author notes

This poem has a twin, neither Dalaney nor I had written a fantasy of this sort. Until now.

4000 miles apart and in a challenge we arrived at the same ending 10 minutes apart!