Poetry by Jeff Green


My lunchtime stroll

by cricketjeff on March 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved


A thousand years of history
A stroll just after lunch
The heart of London’s mystery
And tourists by the bunch

The River wanders lazily
Beneath a crowd of boats
The Bridges showing hazily
Above the stuff that floats

The guns that shelled the Bismark
Face the walls of ancient days
A man that now makes his mark
Stares across from modern maze

The job may not reward me
And I may not be content
But these sites have never bored me
And their power won’t relent

So I walk across the river
To see where my Land was made
And I always feel a shiver
As my history’s replayed

The best of all the ages
Stood to look upon those gates
One of England’s greatest stages
Now majestically waits

An iron marvel clad in stone
Is just as grand to see
And dreaming of a sort of throne
Is a poet known as me