Poetry by Jeff Green


Watching for your wave

by cricketjeff on March 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Soaring over the city of azaleas
A trolley car to follow
Looking for where the sky turns gold

Unhurried people pass the colours
And don’t see them
Painted like a child not fitting the lines

White and waving I see you
Standing and laughing
Near the White of the Cathederal
Painted gold as the sun sets

Over the parks filled with people
And Azaleas and roses
and horses pulling tourists
And you in white and waving

The riverboat tramping
As I soar back across the city
Back to the edge
Back to the beach
To my dreams
And to my lady in white

Author notes

Two Poets Challenge: A Flight Over Each Other’s City

Well I was there and flying, I hope the movie comes out OK for you Lane.