Poetry by Jeff Green


For you

by cricketjeff on March 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The words that you are sprinkle-ing
Have set my mind a tinkle-ing
So now I’m busy thinkle-ing
Of you

The words that you so gayly sprayed
Have in my mind combined and played
And now the piper must be paid
That’s you

The very things you find to say
And say them in a different way
The way I want to start my day
With you

Where do you find the words you use
And when you find them which to choose
I’ll choose to play but you can’t lose
You’re you

I always hear each little word
That you yourself have never heard
Don’t you think that that’s absurd!
I do

Rather than just sit and curse
I’ll sit and pen a little verse
Because I know I must rehearse
For you