Poetry by Jeff Green


A foretelling

by cricketjeff on March 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Tall and proud she stands to see
The gulls that tell her doom
For time has come for elf to leave
And man to take his room

The battles of the Eldar days
Were fought and won at last
And though the victor often stays
The time for that is past

The fight was fought not for ourselves
But for the whole of life
Mighty were the hoards of elves
Who took their place in strife

The enemies were cast aside
And all their deeds undone
The cost to elves we cannot hide
And so our flight’s begun

The Ents and elves and dwarfish folk
Have had their time on stage
The music of the spheres has spoke
A turning of the age

The King will lay his mighty head
The Havens soon will close
And man will see where fate has led
And how his empire grows

Ten thousand years of night we’ll see
Before we rise again
Then maybe we will come to free
The Earth from mortal men!

Author notes

Sort of Middle-Earthish I guess