Poetry by Jeff Green


Strangers on the shore

by cricketjeff on March 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved



The sunrise on the ocean changes clouds to silver-gilt
And we’ll sit and watch the magic as the brand new day is built.
The waves that lap the yellow sand were pushed by steady trades
And they cut into the coastline like ten thousand swordsmen’s blades.
The birds that search for thermals as the day begins to warm
Will be certain to alert us if there’s chance of springtime storm.
So we’ll sit and watch the magic of the way the world renews
As we gaze into the morning of a million mes and yous.

When the sun is getting higher and the sand is getting hot,
We will still be sitting gazing at the world as it is not.
For the way that ocean wavelets paint themselves into your mind
Is the key to all the real truths that no-one else can find.
The call of birds off fishing and the boats that do the same,
Leave the lovers sitting wishing there was time to play the game.
We will still be sitting gazing at the world as it goes by
And we’ll wish that we were with the birds and knew the way to fly.

The afternoon sits heavy and the flask is almost done
And we’ve sat and watched the daylight since before the morning sun.
The waves are getting bolder and the breezes start to play
And two lovers on the shoreline know its time to end their day.
The birds are turning homeward and the boats are back in sight
And the sea is bidding farewell as these guests don’t stay the night.
Though we sat and gazed at nature as we talked of what may be
We are still two perfect strangers, in the world of you and me.