Poetry by Jeff Green


Just time for this

by cricketjeff on March 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Would there be enough time for this?
The moment that followed the kiss
The moment he knew what he knew
Only one thing he could do

    The kiss was only the start
    Of her letting him into her heart
    Of her letting him know that she knew
    The things that he wanted to do

The way that she felt in his arms
Caressing and blessing her charms
Undressing, unstressing at speed
Answering all of his need
    Held in the arms that she craved
    From that moment on she’s enslaved
    From that moment love equals lust
    Everything else they just must

Her body was wrapping his form
The way that two lovers stay warm
The way that new lovers first play
Together the lovers must stay

    Inside and contained in her space
    The vision of joy on her face
    The vision of lust between two
    Two lovers who know what to do

The two of them still feel this way
    There isn’t a change to this day
In love from the very first kiss
    There will always be just time for this