Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before I sleep I kiss the stars and bid each one goodnight
The stars we share so far apart so I must treat them right
Before I sleep I’ll hug the moon and tell her to her face
That she is shared between we two though we can’t share a place
The sky at night we share as one, though far apart as stars
So I shall kiss the sky tonight, and post my love through Mars

And when I sleep I’ll dream of you, and walk beneath each star
As every star will know our name and that we’re near not far
So tonight before you sleep, look up and kiss each light
The stars we’ll share though far apart are holding us tonight
The messages the stars can bring from me to you to me
Are messages of distant love that show how life would be

The stars above have known all love, and still they’ve room for more
So hold them in your heart and soul and feel the love they store
The whole world spins in space so vast, that stars are pricks of light
Though each has planets of its own, that teem with life tonight
Beneath the sky of lights at night we two are only one
And so when morning brings us round we’ll still be one by Sun…