Poetry by Jeff Green


A lot of effort for a few lines that rhyme.

by cricketjeff on September 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Millions of parsecs and aeons away
Far from the regions where men make their play
A black hole attracted a huge glob of matter
And over the ages got fatter and fatter
Some of the atoms were sucked straight on in
But the rest of the fuzz ball just started to spin
And inside the dust cloud the fuzz ball became
Millions of regions were doing the same
The dust cloud got flatter, a spiral was formed
The small spinning regions were rapidly warmed
A critical mass and a hot spinning ball
Starts up a reactor and lights up for all
The ball’s now a star that’s been left with a disk
In side of which remnant there’s always a risk
That planets may form and then oceans and land
And life will arise, then evolve, understand
And eventually this life form will do as all do
And invent their own poetry to write a poem for you!

Author notes

I thought if the idea of the size of the universe made you feel small that if I built an entire galaxy just for your contest it may restore the balance a bit.

Hope you like it.