Poetry by Jeff Green


The Fairy Alarm

by cricketjeff on March 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Ev’ry morning natures wonder
My wren begins his song
Tiny bird with voice of thunder
Who calls so loud and long

Tells the fairies in my garden
It’s time to go to bed
Ere the daylight starts to harden
The early bird unfed

All night long the magic creatures
Will work to paint my world
Giving life to garden features
While keeping petals curled

In spring they feed the little flowers
They paint the shoots with green
Their nightime filling daylight hours
With scenes that must be seen

Summer brings them frantic labours
Their hours are short and filled
Beauty far beyond the neighbours
With joy so freely spilled

Autumn needs their magic daily
Sweet fruits and breaths of gold
Trees must be emblazoned gayly
The year is getting old

Winter time their work is hidden
Beneath the parts I see
All the magic not forbidden
To build the year for me

Author notes

Another challenge with Dalaney Rhyme for the magic in my garden, click Here for hers.

I hope you like it!