Poetry by Jeff Green


Fun and mystery

by cricketjeff on March 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

forgeT tHe way that mEn see Who IS wrong
Ev’ry Man is wrong in his own wAy
so Never listeN to anothEr song
until you’VE heaRd THe musIc they caN play

Know the Singer, HEar him Keep iN tune
Open ears Will SorT tHe mEaning out
FOr OnLy when THE FellOw starts to croOn
can LiStEnErS tell singing from A shout

LyricaLly sHiftIng senSe For All
the words Use LeTterS In a braNd new way
Only THosE who heaR the singer’s call
May know what Ev’ryoNe will hear him say

you MaY not Find the meaning in the woRds
It oftEn hides withiN the realm of birDs

Author notes

Who knows?