Poetry by Jeff Green


Taste the air

by cricketjeff on March 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the garden, in the springtime, love is in the air;
Soft and sensuous sounds surround them, songbirds everywhere.
Lips like cherries long for kissing, passionate and slow.
Chest on chest feel tender berries spring to life and grow.
Nothing seems too unrealistic, lives to join as one
Every moment so fantastic, every touch pure fun.
Hand in hand and interlocking, stroll down paths they find,
Nothing penetrates their blocking, each has just one mind.
Words of love no need to hear them, each will say the same
Language missed by those so near them, cannot play this game.
In all gardens in the springtime, love is everywhere;
Soft and sensuous spring surprises, let us taste the air.