Poetry by Jeff Green


The beach by night

by cricketjeff on March 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The touch of your lips on my neck as we sit
By the light of the moon on the beach
Your breath in my ear as your tongue tries to fit
My fingers are stretching to reach

The feel of your skin as I pull you to me
The warmth that we feel from the sand
The love in my eyes that I know that you see
There is something we both understand

My clothes disappear and then yours do so too
And we hold ourselves ready for love
I lie on my back and I gaze up at you
And you settle yourself from above

There is nothing but love in the way that we feel
As we play by the moon on the beach
There is no-one to see so we need not conceal
The things we are doing to each

The touch of your lips means we don’t need to speak
As you lie in my arms out of doors
And the love that I feel everywhere that I seek
I know is the mirror of yours