Poetry by Jeff Green


The ice bride

by cricketjeff on March 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As cold as an icicle clung to the gutter
He knew she would warm to his touch
Her beauty was that of a frost on a cobweb
He knew she would love him so much
She never responded to words that he said
He saw in her eyes they hit home
Immovable features of marble perfection
A classical statue from Rome

He chipped at the frostwork wrought on her features
Finding a route to her soul
Revealing the warmth of the lady who loved him
Total exposure his goal
The ring that he bought was white golden with ice
A diamond worthy her heart
The dress that she wore was the colour of frost
A lacemaker’s intricate art

They wed on the morn of a cold winters day
With snow on the path to the door
She swept to his side like a skater on ice
With scarcely a sound from the floor
The reception was formal, the buffet was cold
The speeches were bleak in extreme
No hint of emotion to ruffle her features
This isn’t the wedding to dream

Then off in a car to their honeymoon suite
With everything set for a freeze
She dressed in a suit that was tailored and smart
And couldn’t have put him at ease
Then he gave her his hand and she clutched him to her
And things were now starting to change
Her hair was unravelled the suit hit the floor
She was feeling a feeling so strange

The ice in her veins had now melted like snow
That was found on a hot summer’s day
And never again would this maiden of ice
React in a cold hearted way!
For she found the appeal of a love hot and live
Was better by far than before
And passion and fervour and warmth and yes love
Will live in her heart evermore

Author notes

Prompt is a brilliant painting Ice Bride by Lesley Haycock reproduced with permission above.