Poetry by Jeff Green


From pole to pole

by cricketjeff on September 15, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I decided to go from the North to South
Traversing your body by means of my mouth
I started my trip with our tongues intertwined
Then mine went exploring, just what could it find
Nuzzling your neck and kissing your shoulder
The time was approaching when I would get bolder
Your breast were the target of quite an attack
My licking and nibbling had you arching your back
Each tender nipple delayed me a while
I don’t think you minded, I glimpsed at your smile
My tongue in your navel, no fluff to be found
I’ve check it and checked it by licking all round
The goal of my travelling is getting quite near
From the short wiry hairs that I’m finding down here
I started at lips and two more I have found
Your hands hold my head, there’s a soft moaning sound
A honey-well seems to have formed where I kiss
The sweetness I suck from my very own miss
I’m teasing each petal, now I’m raiding the flower
From the way you are breathing, you are in my power
A little way upwards, a bud almost glows
You groan as it touches the tip of my nose
Then I kiss it and lick it and tease it so light
Your moans reach crescendo
I love you