Poetry by Jeff Green


Spring weather

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Easter Monday, heavy snow
At least we haven’t far to go
Spring arrived with great big flakes
Mother nature makes mistakes
Far away a warmer cline
A smiling face and I feel fine
Heavy traffic progress slow
Am I happy, that’s a no
Warmer weather greeting you
Pity life’s not built for two
Then arrive at family party
All are there and looking hearty
My mind drifts across the sea
Will another think of me?
Lovely food and lots of chatter
Lots to say that doesn’t matter
Home on line the words are few
But they are words just meant for you
Now the evening’s bright and clear
Perfect for the time of year
Spring sunshine and all is right
And I will dream of you tonight.