Poetry by Jeff Green


The Deadline

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wasn’t expecting your touch
But wanting to feel it so much
You stand at the back of my chair
You’re kissing the top of my hair
Your hands now go down to my waist
Your tongue is the next thing I taste
We kiss on the lips and within
You show that its time to begin
My belt is undone in a flash
Your clothes hit the ground in a splash
In seconds I feel open air
And then I’m acutely aware
You’re swinging a leg across me
I’m no longer chilly and free
We kiss as we love on the chair
Your fingers are locked in my hair
You’re riding me onto a crest
My face is pulled onto your chest
Our passions are rising as one
The blessings of afternoon fun
Together we’re crossing the line
Your lips are like sparkling wine
Collapsed in a heap under you
An aura of bliss on we two
You kiss me and rise from my lap
Slowly I slip from your trap
You kiss me you’re planning some tricks
You dress and you say “Home by six!”