Poetry by Jeff Green


Faded dreams

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m not sure I really see you
In the echoes of a dream
The colours drifting slowly
Back to grey
The shapes that I was dreaming
Are the shapes I see as you
But the colours aren’t the colours
That I see 
In the space where I am waking 
In the space I keep for you
I see colours that start fading
Back to grey
In the time since I was dreaming
I am losing touch with you
And your colours aren’t the same
As in my dreams
Will I see you when I’m waking
As I see you in my dreams
Will your colours be alive
Or just be grey
In the time since I was dreaming
I have lost my hold on you
I see colours but they’re fading
back to grey
In my dreams I ‘m always certain
That the you I see is real
And your colours never fade away at all
When I’m waking
I’m not knowing
And the colours fade away
Will I see you as my dream girl
Will I see you in your colours
Will my dreams become an echo
Of my life

Author notes

Image Credit Echo by Leila Kubba Kawash 1996