Poetry by Jeff Green


Look who I met on the train…

by cricketjeff on March 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Disdainful, dismissive and something else too
The air of a Queen whose a who’s a whole lot to do
Her Father disowned her, both siblings went mad
Not a good start for the best we have had

Astute politician and fond of the arts
We soon become chums as the 12:04 starts
She speaks of the theatre, she writes well in rhyme
Her “Royal Variety” best of all time

She speaks of the ships that keep her realm free
Her Father’s reign taught her the need for the sea
Her voice has the power and strength to beguile
And lovers must melt in the face of that smile

We talk of her Cousin her wishes her dead
The struggles she’s had not to cut off her head
She ended the burnings for religious belief
For the  numbers that suffered she shudders in grief

Spies all around her, all watched by her own
Wary the back that is pressed to the throne
She talks of the world and her worries of Spain
The pope switching sides for political gain

As we sit talking of that and of this
I look at her mouth and I think of a kiss
I write her a sonnet, a new form she adores
The look in her eyes says her new suitor scores!

Author notes

I didn’t know what to write about on the train…

“My favourite character from history was the challenge” and look who stepped up from Platform 10 at Euston