Poetry by Jeff Green


Help your local Rugby Club

by cricketjeff on September 15, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The fellows will give quite a cheer
To a girl who will, without fear,
Have a drink with the lads
Then chat up their dads
And take a stiff one up the rear

If a pint she can down in once go
And she’s bald as a coot down below
She likes doggy style
But she’ll ride for a while
At the same time as giving a blow

If she’ll take on a whole drunken scrum
In pussy and mouth and in bum
Then the local fifteen
Will scrub up quite clean
And pay out a respectable sum

And if she’s a sister the same
Who follow big sis to the game
And stay when its done
To join in the fun
She’ll soon become number one dame

Rugby’s a game played by friends
Who all have about the same ends
And one of their likes
Is girls who like bikes
Can be ridden quite quickly round bends

The forwards aren’t blessed with much brains
They drink beer like emptying drains
The girls they admire
Very quickly take fire
And don’t give them emotional pains

The backs can be rather more picky
They don’t want just a routine quicky
They’ll fiddle with bits
And maul a girls tits
Before they start playing hide the dicky

So if you know a girl who will fit
Who drinks and likes jokes about shit
Whose petals start parting
When anyone is farting
Then please tell the team about it!