Poetry by Jeff Green


The last dance is over

by cricketjeff on March 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The bandstand is silent, my love has grown cold
The world where I met her alas is now old
We loved through the decades the music still played
But now in my winter the sweetness is stayed
We met in the springtime before the last war
And we danced to the music and called out for more
Our marriage was nearby the tunes could be heard
From the band there was waltzing as we gave our word
Our children were walked here with planes overhead
The band who were playing by now must be dead
Though bombs never stopped them I’ll hear them no more
There isn’t the magic that lived here before
The springtime and summer and autumn sped past
She died in the winter, I’ve silence at last
I buried my wife on a cold winters day
And never again will I hear a band play

Author notes

spellings and other corrections made