Poetry by Jeff Green


Storm watching

by cricketjeff on March 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ll stand inside and watch the crash of waves
And see the skies split wide by flash of light
Through clouds that turn full sun to dead of night
And then I’ll know that we are natures slaves

The awful power I’ll hold within my sight
Will show that only poetry can tame
The forces that give ocean storms such might
And treat all human actions just the same

I know that even so we should not yield
Surrender without need’s a source of shame
But if at last we lose we’re not to blame
And to the change of losing we are steeled

I love to stand and watch the greatest storm
But only when I know I’m safe and warm

Author notes

I have been trying to write words and meter that sound like a storm, with no success, so I wrote this instead.