Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The leather book I slipped inside your case
Contains a sonnet for each day apart
In violet ink, the contents of my heart
And ev’ry word put carefully in place

  The ring I hid for you to find so soon
  A simple box with just one thing inside
  I knew the perfect place for it to hide
  When you are sad you have to play that tune

Upon my hand the gold appears so pale
A single diamond like a drip of dew
Each time I see my hand I think of you
And of the love we share that cannot fail

  First on my wall I traced your silhouette
  A crisp black line to show your lovely face
  With ev’ry subtle feature in its place
  I clasp your book and read and can’t forget

The ceiling fan revolves above my head
I know the words that you will read each day
For in my heart each poem has to stay
I listen to your voice as we’re in bed

  The texture of my sheets is like your skin
  I hear your voice in ev’ry line I read
  I gobble up each sonnet in my greed
  And know that in the end we have to win

I/You will know the answer when we meet
And then my love our lives can be complete


Author notes

Interlocking sonnets, his and hers with (almost) shared couplet to end