Poetry by Jeff Green


The little wooden aeroplane

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The little wooden aeroplane, that sits beside my screen
Is perpetually in motion and I wonder where it’s been
The propeller spins so lazily its landing lights then flash
But it never seems it wants to land, I’ve never seen it crash

My little wooden aeroplane is there when I am low
It seems to offer dreams of all the places I could go
The windows down the side tell me that it has seats for eight
So one day I shall climb on board, then just sit back and wait

That little wooden aeroplane will surely make me fly
To the places where I want to be beyond the deep blue sky
There are people all across the world, that I would love to meet
So if you love me look outside, I’m in the front row seat

My little wooden aeroplane, may bring me safe to you
To see the places you can see, to do the things you do
And all I have to do to fly is sit and close my eyes
Then hope that you will do the same, and welcome my surprise