Poetry by Jeff Green


For AP’s best behaved pet – Tattboyspet

by cricketjeff on September 15, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Other people’s pets can be a problem
Sometimes they bite, sometimes their owners do.
But other pairs of pets and their pet owners
Simply make you wish you had one too
So to this pair of owner and his ownee
I say I think you are the top
And if you can remember either name or number
Please direct me to the same pet shop!

There once was a slave with no luck
At rhyming she felt like a schmuck
But when master was there
She just didn’t care
She had plenty of talent to …

But she felt the poetic affront
So she sometimes would give it a punt
She gave master no rhyme
But she gave him good time
By her poetical use of her …

If her poetry went all to bits
And love verse got people in fits
She’s still beat my rhyme
At almost any time
Simple because she has ….

Author notes

The limericks were posted in message to Tattboyspet who asked me to post them for others to enjoy, happy to oblige.