Poetry by Jeff Green


How to fall for a poet

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Not looking for love when I first saw the lines
That she wrote when her muse was at play
But the words on the screen were the sun as it shines
In the heat of a bright summers day
The form of her verse was quite foreign to me
But it stole all my reason away
And the words that I read in her sweet poetry
Are all of my reason to stay

And now in my bed before ever I rise
I see if she’s something to say
The price of a day without food for my eyes
Is much higher than I want to pay
So I found a love in the words of a verse
A love that will never decay
I am charging for her with no thought of reverse
With a muse of my own making hay

And we fence on the screen in a passionate match
Our weapons salute with touchee
Pouring image and form into words we dispatch
To our lovers, our foe in this fray
The kiss of a simile full on the lips
Is as sweet as a fragrant bouquet
And if into poetry something else slips
Then this poet will never say nay!