Poetry by Jeff Green


A dance and a half!!!

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As they danced to the band with her hand in his hand
And his other hand firm on her cheek
They whirled round the stand looking graceful and grand
And she pulled his head closer to speak
“Soon the music must end but the night’s young my friend
And I don’t want to go home alone
If you’d like to extend, then please ask me to bend
And I’ll let you hear how I can moan
With your hand on my bum, where I’m tight as a drum
You can feel that I’m waiting for you
With your finger and thumb, I am sure you can strum
Any tune that I ask you to do”
So they waltzed from the floor as he knew he would score
And she stripped off her panties in haste
Next morning she’s sore, but she’s still wanting more
Of the part that he’s carefully placed!
With her lips on on his part, she will help him restart
So that he can get busy again
With her hand on her heart, and a grin for his art
She waits for the sweet pleasure pain
He starts with a smack, of her curves at the back
Then he’s deeply immersed in his job
He has mastered the knack, of internal attack
And the lady’s in love with his knob!

Author notes

Well it started classy, but seemed to get dirty, Oh well what can I say?