Poetry by Jeff Green


Snaggleduffs are fun

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Snaggleduff has come to say,
“Are you well enough to play?”
Lying in that crazy bed
With bandages around your head
His mother said that he should ask
And Snaggle’s ready for the task

The Doctor uses quite a word
For “head-ache” that is quite absurd
When all they have to do today
Is get you well enough to play
The Snaggleduff has brought some toys
But hospitals don’t like much noise

So I do not think that you should pick
The BlootyBell or Blonking stick
Maybe play with Splipping blocks
Or try to give the poolip shocks
The nurse never would advise
You putting oolots on your eyes

Snaggleduffs are always fun
And Snaggle is the finest one
So soon as you are fit for play
We will send him down your way
But until those games begin
I hope my poem makes you grin!

Author notes

Snaggleduff is the hero of quite a few of my poems, if you like this one please feel free to borrow any of the others for your friend, I am cricketjeff.