Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When William came from Normandy,
He swore to keep the English free
Of course it cannot be denied,
The cheating bastard simply lied
But still the scroll exists to show –
The rules were there for all to know.

King John was made at Runnymede
To put a cap upon his greed.
Acknowledging, in Magna Carta,
Even Kings will have to barter;
Foundation of all civil rights
And used in many legal fights.

Torture banned in ancient times,
Trial by Jury marked in rhymes.
Olly Cromwell went too far
As rising parliamentary star.
The final nail it can be reckoned
Was getting rid of James the second.

Dead Queen Anne the last to say,
To English people, rudely, Nay!
Since then our rights have grown apace
As we’ve looked tyrants in the face.
For ninety years now girls have voted
But now the bureaucrats are bloated.

Without a vote we give away
Powers we’ll need another day.
A referendum promised clear
has been abandoned out of fear.
The Lisbon Treaty may just be
The death of English Liberty!