Poetry by Jeff Green


A battle cry

by cricketjeff on March 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To the vile canker that is deeply set within
I shall fight you with a passion and I know that I shall win
For my heart is filled with loving and my soul is filled with fire
And to watch my children blooming is my one true hearts desire

To that vile canker that would see me torn away
I declare that I shall beat you and I’ll see a victory day
For with love and strength and doctors aid, I have the better side
And the love of friends and family is carried deep inside

To the vile canker that I know I shall defeat
You may try to win my body and to knock me off my feet
But with all the strength that’s left me and with all my passion too
I shall fight and gain the victory from scum the likes of you

To the vile canker that has tried to blight my all
I shall never give the chance for you to make my prospects small
With the love of all my children and of loving friends and more
I am firmly fixed on living till I’m over eighty four!

Author notes

To be sung by a very brave lady loved by many here (myself included)