Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 15, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Shell-like and delicate, hidden by hair
One to each side and a beautiful pair
The start of seduction, assault on the ear
Slowly inexorably they draw me near
Nibbling gently, they occupy time
And whispering softly I fill them with rhyme

Pearls on a lake-shore, with red beach around
From out of the centre comes delicate sound
My lips to the beach are drawn for a taste
To leave them behind would be criminal waste
A creature within wants to battle my tongue
On the ladder of lust it’s the bottom-most rung

Slopes of perfection, each topped by a peak
Cannot be explored in much less than a week
All of the surface needs searching with love
And visual inspection is made from above
The texture is tested by lips, tongue and teeth
And hands are supporting the weight from beneath

A surface that’s flat, a depression in view
Anything but a plain as it forms part of you
Butterfly kisses, From one side to the other
Far more careful and tender than babe loved by mother
The well at the centre is enticing and warm
And my tongue wants to map it’s delectable form

Delicate petals of personal rose
The lips of a lover attracted to those
Peeping from leaves is tender young bud
Found by the lover, but missed by the stud
Tenderly teasingly open the flower
Passionate gardener for hour after hour

A detour we make to a smooth range of hills
Medicine more potent than any any doctors pills
Testing each manually, probing and squeezing
Just that they’re there, is essentially teasing
Fingers exploring the valley between
Hinting at pleasure, you know what I mean

The detour was pleasant but here is the seat
The place where my musings I hope to complete
Gently the petals are teased til they part
And the journey within can finally start
No time is wasted, while a finger’s inside
The lips and the tongue still directing the tide

Your body responds to each tender touch
It seems that it knows that I love you so much
Your breathing gets harsher, your hands find my head
“Enough lips and fingers, the real thing instead”
Upwards you lead me, till our passions can meet
Then we’ll be together until our love is complete

Author notes

This is to a real woman, although she has not seen it yet.