Poetry by Jeff Green


A bitter ending

by cricketjeff on March 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The flock of doves that flee across my sky,
Like pearls and gem stones strewn upon the Earth,
Or embers of a fire that will not die,
The mirror of a life that’s lost its worth.

A velvet black depression dims my stage.
My tree of life is choked by ivy now.
Like burgundy my love matured with age,
Yet faith in you was turned to pain somehow.

You watched me bleed a pool of crystal tears,
Then ran away and left me to my fears.

Author notes

A word bank and an instruction to produce simple beautiful poetry in ten lines or fewer on a dark theme. So a full sonnet was out and a curtal one has to suffice.

Mirror Velvet Dove(s)
Embers Burgundy Faith
Stones Pain Bleed
Ivy Crystal Pearls