Poetry by Jeff Green


A hot meal!

by cricketjeff on March 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She placed me on the table, with my brother, as a set.
That there was something special on was not a foolish bet.
A bottle of the finest red, a candle and a rose.
Call it a seduction and you’ve got it on the nose.
When he gets home she’s ready in a dress that shows it all –
The bulging in his trousers is not, I’d say, that small.
He fills us each with burgundy, it’s just a bit too chilled.
His hand is looking shaky, no surprise that some gets spilled.
They start the meal with oysters and they swill them down with glee.
He drinks wine from my brother, and she takes a pull from me.
The steaks are red and bloody, she must want to give him fire,
The looks that flash across us are alive with raw desire.
She clears the plates and then returns, he grabs her hands in his
Nobody needs to wonder what the special pudding is!
I’m empty now and pushed aside, while she is pulled across,
The fastenings upon her dress are now a total loss.
Seen from where I’m sitting this is rather foolish play.
My owners seem to think this is a perfect end to day.
His suit is now discarded, like her dress, upon the floor
His hands are on her body and he’s wanting so much more.
My brother on the left of her, and me upon the right,
Are witness to a private act, that looks quite like a fight.
After several minutes, then a rest and start again,
He makes a face suggesting that he’s in some awful pain.
Left alone at last we see the mess in candle light –
I do not think that there’s a chance, that we’ll get washed tonight!

Author notes

For “The erotic challenge” erotica through the eyes of an inanimate object, in my case, a wine glass.