Poetry by Jeff Green


Total nonsense

by cricketjeff on April 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Slow and sullen sadness slipping softly from my soul
Holding on to happiness is hard when you aren’t whole
Finding friends who feel for you is fun for evermore
I’m playing games in poetry, a pleasure I can pour

Long and languid lines that lead to lovely literature
Make my mind a maelstrom for the magically mature
Lots of little loonacies are laughing like a lark
Do not define your destiny while dancing after dark

Not a lot of nonsense, just a little now and then
Makes you feel a little better and it occupies the pen
So if you’ve read my poem and your mind is on the blink
Remember you just read it, maybe I should turn to drink!!!

Author notes


Sometimes the only way to get rid of silly lines is to write them down.
This exists purely because I had some lines in my head that wouldn’t go away, but I liked the sound of them.