Poetry by Jeff Green


See the sunny side.

by cricketjeff on April 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Back to school would be such fun
Were your teacher six foot one
Dark grey eyes with perfect hair
With the knowledge he would share
Learning Maths would be a cinch
If you dreamt him in a clinch
Easy way to factorise
Look into those dark grey eyes
Maybe there’s a student there
That you find is well aware
Lovely poets love to live
And he has a lot to give
Homework can be fun to do
With a friend to “work” with you
Essays written side by side
Secret pleasures not denied
Running hard to just stay still
Sapping of a young girl’s will
Keeping up with gorgeous bloke
Gives her ego such a stroke
Chasing all the blues away
Sexy dreams to fill your day
Look out on the football pitch
Maybe some will end up rich
Wearing shorts so you can choose
Lots of clues that you can use!
Life is short don’t waste it all
Curled up tight inside a ball
Get out in the world again
Lots of fun and lots of men!!!!

Author notes

The boring bits, it’s an anacreontic, 7 syllable tetrameter about getting pleasure from life.

Kick back, enjoy, think of the work as fun and smile and laugh a lot!