Poetry by Jeff Green


Rosalie’s retirement plan

by cricketjeff on April 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two snowy breasts with their tops well displayed,
A six shooter hidden from view.
A bar full of beauties, all keenly arrayed
And she’s only waiting for you.

If you’ve found a trifle of dust that looks gold,
She’ll sell you an hour of pure bliss
But if all that you’ve got is some gear to be sold
You’ll have to make do with a kiss.

The singer on stage, is worth three at the bar
But she’s still the one they all see.
The fame of the girls brings in men from so far
And everyone knows Rosalie.

She doesn’t give credit, or let fighters in,
You better get washed and a shave.
The hotel next door is the place you begin
Preparing for what you all crave.

Rosalie’s bar is the centre of town
The place where new wives can be met.
Their history ’round here won’t make anyone frown
These girls are the best you can get.

Gold panning is fine for a man with a dream
But Rosalie’s way is more sure.
Wherever men gather they need to raise steam
And Rosalie gives them the cure.

The girls who arrive all want men for their own
But finding the best is too tough.
At Rosalie’s bar they can try them on loan
And not marry one who’s too rough.

The sheriff don’t bother to question the rules
He’s Rosalie’s Saturday pick.
The carpenter makes up a coffin for fools
Who don’t know her temper is quick.

And when all the gold has been swept from the hill
She’ll retire to marry her man
The men and her girls will remember her still
She showed how you win if you plan