Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When lust for gold falls on a man he’ll travel far and wide
But rarely does he think to take a woman on his ride
Now Rosalie’s a lady who can see a perfect chance
Sets out to travel West with girls, who’ll sing and love and dance

Her Father was a Minister who preached a moral line
But Rosalie’s of different cloth she seeks a life that’s fine.
She knows that men will pay to see a lady’s smiling face
And if they pay for something else, it’s really no disgrace.

She builds a bar and keeps it clean, the men must show respect.
The ladies who will work for her will never know neglect
Each man who comes must wash and shave, or not get through the door.
Another thing to bear in mind, is none of them are poor!

A man strikes gold and wants a wife, so goes to Rosalie;
A girl for life or just one night, she’ll find and charge a fee.
And no-one minds her history, all girls are valued here;
To find a wife without a past you’d have to walk a year.

The sheriff never interferes, he’s paid to look away
And Rosalie rewards him with her love each Saturday.
And when the hills are stripped of gold she’ll start another life.
With all the money she has made, she’ll make a perfect wife.

The girls will always think of her with love and fondest thanks,
As all of them have husbands and deposits in their banks.
So many towns were founded by the likes of Rosalie
But services they gave the West are missed from history.

For men with guns killed Indians, and all the buffalo
But the real winners of the West are never put on show.
For men alone can’t build a state, it’s wives that set men free.
So join us in the song we sing “Three cheers for Rosalie!!!”

Author notes

Just a light hearted piece, and a retelling of a previous poem that was not set in the requested meter for this contest.