Poetry by Jeff Green


The Torch!

by cricketjeff on April 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The torch that stood beside kitchen door
Was part of life he could not do without
If it was gone then he would scream and shout
And make a mess upon the kitchen floor

If it was dark then he could not go out
Without a light to chase the ghouls away
He lived his life in fear and constant doubt
And in the kitchen he just has to stay

If all you have to go on is a loo
That’s really only suitable by day
It’s probable that you would never stray
Without a torch to show you what to do

If you are scared of boogeymen at night
Then get an inside loo and fit a light!

Author notes

OK so I’ll probably write a proper one later or Lyndon will drum me out of the Winklings!