Poetry by Jeff Green


The Torch

by cricketjeff on April 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On Mount Olympus fire will spawn
The flame to which the athletes pledge
But do they know the games were born
On Wenlock Edge

Ere A E Houseman was a lad
Doctor Brookes set up the games
Modern Olympics’ real Dad
Not other names

Baron Coubertin went there
He had to meet this famous man
From this time he would prepare
His greatest plan

From eighteen fifty until now
Olympic Games in Shropshire’s heart
Doctor Brookes has shown us how
Such things can start

So now we see the torch is lit
It’s carried for the world to see
And sportsmen try to do their bit
To set men free

The Chinese did not think Tibet
Was where the torch would shed its light
But now they surely will regret
That state’s long night

A torch will shine on good and ill
And flames will burn the lies away
The truth we know is burning still
A bright new day!

Author notes

The modern Olympics were born at Much Wenlock in 1850, Baron Coubertin heard of them when they moved to Crystal Palace for one year in 1866, in 1890 he came to meet Doctor Brookes and to see the games, he acknowledged the part these games played in his plans, but Doctor Brookes died before the “first” modern Olympiad in 1896.