Poetry by Jeff Green


Perfect weather

by cricketjeff on April 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Looking out to see the storm as it is rolling in
Hoping we can see the crash as breaking waves begin
The energy within the storm excites the way I feel
Loving in a hurricane can prove your love is real

Thunder crash you hold me tight and soon we’re on the floor
Lighting flashes are the light that lead to something more
Wind that howls around the roof brings love into my bed
Nuts to sunny weather give me lovely storms instead

The rhythms of the crashing waves pull passion from my soul
Driving rain on window pains a sound that makes me whole
All night long of loving as the weather does its worst
And as the dawn breaks we agree and see our damns are burst

The clear up in the morning shows there is another side
But its worth it for the passion that went with the stormy ride
I hope that I shall see when the weather’s rough again
A lover and a stormy night, the happiest of men!