Poetry by Jeff Green


walking home

by cricketjeff on April 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the dark blue sky above us there’s a moon who wears a smile
As we walk beside the river and we talk a little while
Holding hands and smiling softly, moving slowly, lover’s style
I think this is a perfect spring romance

The gentle breeze that’s blowing makes your hair a living thing
We walk a little faster so our arms begin to swing
And the way your eyes are shining makes my heart begin to sing
Our walk has now become a sort of dance

As the dark blue sky turns blacker, we move closer for the heat
And you search inside my pockets where you know there is a treat
Then we giggle as you struggle with one hand to get the sweet
I wonder if I dare to take a chance

The stars now shining brightly on my perfect little miss
Turn the feeling of elation into dream of perfect bliss
You turn your head toward me and we share that sweet first kiss
Two lovers now walk home within a trance